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Home Staging? What is it?

So, what is home staging? Also known as real estate staging, real estate enhancement, or house fluffing. It’s a way of making an unfurnished home appear lived in…

  • it’s a way for home sellers to attract more home buyers to a house for sale

The main goal is to make a home buyer feel comfortable when he or she tours a house for sale. This act is typically common because it gives the customer a clear idea of how furniture could be arranged in the home and the amount of space available when it is fully furnished.

However, multiple companies offer home staging services. What these companies do is bring their accessories and furniture and use it to stage the property.

However, according to real estate experts, staging is not decorating. It is more of depersonalizing a home so that potential buyers can picture themselves in it.

Keep in mind, you can do this yourself if you only need to stage one room. In this case, you can shop at a vintage or retro store for staging furniture and other furnishings.

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Staging Techniques

There is so much to staging other than just cleaning and repainting. To take your house to the top level in the real estate for sale market, you can try to make your home brighter and bigger and bring out the positive aspects of the house through staging.

It is all about bringing a sense of potential and possibility and creating an inviting home by generating a mood.

  • Look at your house closely.

Consider finding the best feature of each room and how to best make it stand out. Think about the kind of feeling you want to bring out to the potential buyers as they walk into the house and how you can best create that sense.

You can also consider buying antiques and collectibles to stage just one room.

Why does home staging work?

Often, most home buyers shop with logic but often buy on emotion. Many people have bought houses because the house “just feels right” overlooking the fact that it may not have met the buyers listed criteria. Home staging tries to create this emotional feeling with buyers.

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